My very first post…


I’m going to write some stuff about me so you can get to know me more. Also, I don’t exactly know  what to write but my sister is forcing me to write a blog post.

My favourite book series at the moment is:

Image resultImage resultImage result

My favourite song at the moment is:

Closer-Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

I’m obsessed.

My favourite movie is:

ummm.. I don’t watch many movies 😀

Just Youtube and disney films :p

Image result for embarrassed face gif

I hope you got to know something about me now even though my blog is still anon :p

Peace out-I sound so uncool

By the way- I din’t write any of this. My sister’s writing this for me as I’m rubbish at typing and spelling…and everything. 😛



10 thoughts on “My very first post…

  1. If your sister wants you to have a blog and have a post on,it simply means you got skills you good at… You just have trust that speciality in you. Who knows, you could be make impact in people’s life and from what I have had about you now,i think you funny and creative.. My suggestion is that figure out what you blog to be.

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  2. My sister did the same to me. She kept reading my work and telling me to write. I finally plucked up the courage as she has fallen ill and I find writing therapeutic so no doubt will end up blubbering about how I’m coping one day. Enjoy x

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